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Thursday, May 3 [view headlines] updated 6:20 PM

top stories

We have published an exclusive preview of Pillars of Garendall, the upcoming fantasy role-playing game from Ambrosia Software and Beenox Studios. (7 Comments)

We have posted ten photos of the new iBook, comparing its form factor and size to the PowerBook G3 and PowerBook G4. Two days ago we posted a full recap of the new laptop. (49 Comments)

Apple will soon be offering only LCD displays, as the company has decided to axe production of the 17-inch Apple Studio Display CRT, according to MacUser UK and c|net. The article speculates that next month, or at Macworld Expo in July, Apple will introduce a larger 17- or 18-inch flat-panel display. AppleInsider reported on the existence of such a display at Apple nearly a year ago. (73 Comments)

Yesterday we published a report on Macromedia's release of the first 3D Shockwave content. Other reports included Epson price drops, indefinite postponement of Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed, UPresent and UGather, new Sharp LCDs, and Imagine axing affiliates. Software releases included Fetch 4.0, Snak 4.6.2, Retrospect 1.0fc3 for OS X, Cro-Mag Rally 2.0b3, and Org 2.0.

evening edition

FileStamp 1.2 is a maintenance release of the $5 utility for changing type/creator codes. [418 KB]

Both Ptah 1.2.0 [373 KB] and Rosetta 1.2.0 [212 KB] are maintenance releases that provide long file name support under Mac OS X. Ptah is a $15 shareware text, image and cataloging program while Rosetta is a $15 shareware utility for decoding BinHex, MacBinary, MIME Base64, uuencode files, and more. Both applications are Carbonized and can be used on both Mac OS 8.5 or later and Mac OS X.

Mint Audio 1.0pr2 is the second preview release of Unsanity's lightweight MP3 and audio player for Classic and Mac OS X. The new version reduces CPU usage and addresses a number of issues pointed out by users of the initial release. [1.5 MB]

After announcing the German release earlier this week, Aladdin Systems has announced that both French and Spanish versions of Stuffit Deluxe 6.0 are now shipping. The file compression/decompression utility for Classic and Mac OS X features the company's ArchiveSearch and ReturnReceipt technology, which notifies an e-mail sender when the recipient has unstuffed the attached archive.

afternoon edition (final)

A QuickTime movie showing Steve Jobs' presentation at this week's Media Event is now available from Apple. The presentation included the introduction of the new Dual USB iBook, which will be available later this month. (4 Comments)

Apple has published or updated a number of Tech Info Library articles pertaining to the new iBook (Dual USB), including technical specifications, how to install RAM, removing and replacing the battery, sound capabilities, external ports and connectors, security information, maximum number of FireWire devices, and how an external monitor or eject key may not work with Mac OS X. (1 Comment)

DragThing 4.0.2 is a maintenance release of James Thompson's popular dock application for Mac OS X and Classic. [1.0 MB]

ClipCleaner 1.0.0b1 is a "small, fast utility for cleaning up clipboard text" that performs tasks such as converting straight quotes to smart quotes, removing multiple spaces and returns, guessing paragraphs from email text, removing quote characters, and more. [118 KB]

PineHill Products has released SiteToolkit 1.5, a new version of its $16 set of webmaster tools for Mac and Mac OS X. The new version adds AppleScript support, an updated interface and manual, support for submitting to over 40 search engines, and more. [722 KB -- Classic; 806 KB -- OS X]

Today's bargains at DealNN include a Blue and White G3 Bundle ($999), Seagate Cheetah 18.4 GB SCSI HD ($175), Indigo G3/266 iBook ($1,099), PowerBook G3/233 ($899), and Epson Perfection 1240U w/ TPA and software ($284).

The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota will soon play host to one of the dozens of Apple retail stores around the U.S., according to a report from a local resident and confirmed by Mall of America security officials. The Apple store, which will combine two locations to become an "oversize" store, will be located near the new Gap Kids store, Bose Stereo store, and Discovery Channel Science store. (7 Comments)

ForkSwitcher is a utility that allows Mac OS X fonts to be converted for use under Mac OS 9. (Post a comment)

Addonics today introduced the Combo Hard Drive, a 3.5" Hard Drive kit that can connect through USB, FireWire, or PCMCIA depending on which cable is purchased. The kit with USB or PCMCIA connectivity is $100, while the FireWire version is $150. (Post a comment) - The best cigars on the web

morning edition (final)

Morning tech news: Dell is recalling 284,000 laptop batteries from its Inspiron 5000 series after one of the Panasonic-made batteries overheated and caught fire; Microsoft will defend its stance against open-source projects, saying the code could undermine intellectual property, during a speech today; EarthLink's co-founder has been accused of defrauding investors out of $35 million; and sales of Palm handhelds fell 20 percent in April, while volume sales of the new color Palm m505 may not arrive until July.  (23 Comments)

early morning edition (final)

Tce-Yee Poon noticed that Apple DVD Player 2.4, which comes with the PowerBook G4, is now available for all software DVD-equipped Macs from the Software Update control panel. There's no mention of the changes with this version. (26 Comments)

Keyspan has posted USB PDA Adapter 2.2, an update to the softawre for its USB adapter. [988 KB]

Power On Software will reportedly release Now Up-to-Date & Contact 4.0 later this month. The new version will offer a number of new features, including additional fields for contact information, enhanced AppleScript support, and support for up to two billion contacts. The software, which isn't Carbonized for Mac OS X, will ship for $130; upgrades are $50. (16 Comments)

Macromedia yesterday posted a profit of $8.4 million, or 15 cents per share—5 cents lower than analysts' consensus estimates—on revenues of $89.1 million. Macromedia also announced that it had cut 200 jobs as part of a cost-cutting measure. Shares of Macromedia fell as much as 30 percent in after-hours trading. In contrast, Macromedia rival Adobe posted profits of $69.8 million on revenue of $329 million in its most recent quarter.

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