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Developers: Apocalypse 2
Perl Posted by michael on 2001-05-03 15:58
from the I-love-the-smell-of-hash-bang-in-the-morning dept.
Larry Wall has written the second article in his "Apocalypse" series about Perl6. If you missed the first article, you might want to read that one first, or see the previous discussion.

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MS VP Speech Online
Microsoft Posted by michael on 2001-05-03 14:51
from the set-FUD-cannons-to-obliterate dept.
mpawlo writes: "The widely debated Craig Mundie speech is now online." We tried not to run this, but there are too many submissions to ignore. Yes, much of what the guy says is nonsensical. Why not translate it into terms your boss can understand? For example, Mundie says forking code is bad. Here's the same thought translated into manager-speak: "Having multiple vendors competing to offer us the best product at the lowest price is worse than having one vendor who can sell the product to us at monopoly prices."

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Ask Slashdot: How Many Hours Do You Work in a Week?
Linux Business Posted by Cliff on 2001-05-03 13:29
from the how-hard-do-you-work dept.
Gnight asks: "After reading a recent article at ABC News stating that U.S. citizens work more than any other industrialized country, I have started to wonder more about the subject. So my question is, how much does the average slashdot reader work in a week? Where do you live? and What do you do?" Slashdot did an informal poll on this a long time ago, but it was more from the workday standpoint, though it looked like the majority of us were working 9-10 hour days. Is it still the same today as it was almost 2 years ago?

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Dell Notebooks Catch On Fire!
Hardware Posted by CmdrTaco on 2001-05-03 12:16
from the now-that-kicks dept.
Mr_Person writes "Dell Computer will recall about 284,000 notebook batteries due to a flaw in batteries incorporated in Inspiron 5000 and 5000(e) notebooks. The flaw causes the batteries to produce excessive amounts of heat, in fact, at least one notebook has even gotten to the point of catching on fire!" I thought the worst part of Dell Laptops was the fact that they broke all the time, and that they billed me for months after I shipped them the laptop back claiming they never got it. Maybe you could use Dell Laptops as an alternate heat source, what with rising gas prices *rimshot*

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Sony Violating GPL?
GNU is Not Unix Posted by Hemos on 2001-05-03 10:48
from the bad-juju-for-all dept.
hub writes "One of the pilot-link main developers states on Advogato and on his site that Sony is violating GPL by distributing binary only version of POSE that has been customized for their Clie (their new Palm compatible device)."

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Book Reviews: Server-Based Java Programming
Programming Posted by timothy on 2001-05-03 9:45
from the community-service dept.
Craig Pfeifer wrote this review of Server-Based Java Programming, and in a world of books loaded with buzzwords, and sometimes volume at the expense of clarity, he claims that this volume suffers neither fault. (Even if you're sick of the word "Enterprise.")

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Features: Forget the Palm - Give Me The Finger
It's funny.  Laugh. Posted by Roblimo on 2001-05-03 9:00
from the one-digit-is-enough dept.
Handheld computers are cute. Someday I'm sure I'll find one that will wean me away from my treasured pen and pad for fast notetaking, and at least partially from my laptop computer. But I don't think a Palm or even a Linux PDA like a Yopy or Agenda will do it. I'm waiting until someone gives me The Finger.

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Federal Technology Czar Proposed
United States Posted by michael on 2001-05-03 6:46
from the slightly-more-useful-than-the-drug-czar dept.
Alien54 writes: "The E-Government Act, which Sens. Joseph Lieberman (D-Conn.) and Conrad Burns (R-Mont.) introduced Tuesday, is designed to make it easier for citizens to access federal information and services online. As reported in Internet Week, the bill [S.803]will create a federal chief information officer and allot $225 million annually to improve government services over the Internet. The Bill text has yet to be posted to the web, but should be up in a week or so."

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Aimster Seeks Protection From RIAA Demands
The Courts Posted by timothy on 2001-05-03 3:11
from the make-it-stop- dept.
LogicalRealism writes: "In a preemptive move to keep itself from sharing Napster's fate, Aimster has filed for a declaratory judgement to say that its service does not violate U.S. copyright law. The Recording Industry Association of America sent a letter to Aimster, requesting them to begin filtering the files shared on the service. Aimster contends that to filter files shared privately between its users would be inappropriate. C|Net has the story."

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Open Source Is Bad [updated]
Microsoft Posted by timothy on 2001-05-03 0:21
from the consider-the-source dept.
pjones writes: "This just in! Open Source is bad for companies and countries too. In a New York Times article (registration required), John Markoff reports that: "In a speech defending Microsoft's business model, to be given on Thursday at the Stern School of Business at New York University, Craig Mundie, a senior vice president at Microsoft and one of its software strategists, will argue that the company already follows the best attributes of the open-source model by sharing the original programmer's instructions, or source code, more widely than is generally realized." Singled out for particular rebuke and scorn are IBM and the famous GPL and its author Richard Stallman. Who will be there to cheer Craig on?" See also ESR's dispatch on same. (Read below for update with time and place.)

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The One-Week All-Spam Diet
Spam Posted by timothy on 2001-05-02 21:50
from the read-it-and-weep dept.
malibucreek writes: "A writer at the LA Times actually responded to every spam he got for a week. The resulting article about his descent into marketing hell is here. Of course, everything turned out to be a scam. (Duh!) But some of the scams were just pathetic enough to be funny. My faves? The pyramid scheme that helped '"George" reach his goal of making $7,000 a month within two years of getting out of prison.' And the bogus weight-loss plan that caused one sucker, er, customer, to gush, "This didn't work, but it was full of fiber and I was very regular!"" And at this very moment, some hot babes who have been clamoring to meet me electronically are finally at the door -- hallelujah!

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Remote 'Root' Exploit in IIS 5.0
Microsoft Posted by jamie on 2001-05-02 21:25
from the they-made-me-write-this dept.
eEye Digital Security was doing some testing that apparently Microsoft hadn't done on its own webserver (IIS 5.0) running on its latest OS (Windows 2000, all versions). "Within a matter of minutes," they say, "a debugger kicked in on inetinfo.exe because of a 'buffer overflow error'" -- and two weeks later, we got simultaneous announcements from Microsoft and eEye. This is a remote SYSTEM-level exploit in a popular webserver, in the wild, i.e., Danger Will Robinson. eEye says about a million servers will need to be patched; it may be more. Go see Microsoft's writeup and patch. See also eEye's droll and informative writeup, which, now that an exploit is confirmed to be in the wild today, has added some source code.

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Can Open Source Escape The Apple Horizon?
Apple Posted by timothy on 2001-05-02 17:39
from the license-to-license dept.
Meltr writes: "Yahoo has a story about how Apple is using non-GPL'd open source software, making proprietary extensions, and giving nothing back to the community. 'Apple simply found a source of cheap high-quality systems software that it could make its own without needing to give back so much as a bug fix, let alone useful software projects.' Good stuff." Inflammatory, but some of it is hard to deny. On the other hand, there is Darwin on x86 already, and Apple would probably be as happy selling boxes destined to run Yellow Dog Linux as OS X.

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When ASPs Go Under
The Almighty Buck Posted by timothy on 2001-05-02 16:16
from the dot-net-ding-ding-ding dept.
lar3ry writes: "eWeek has a lead story about companies that have been catching the ASP bandwagon, and now are finding themselves high and dryas ASPs are going out of business. I may be old, but I remember when I was writing applications being used by other companies, that the contracts had agreements that provided for the source code to be held in escrow in case the company that I was working for went out of business. Does this mean that common sense is no longer a virtue in the Internet age? Just whispering a few hot terms like "ASP" makes the CIO of a company blind to any financial exposure that an application has to another company's future? Geez!" This is one thing that scares me about various companies' plans to take care of your data and apps. And unlike "Perpetual Care" at ye olde cemetery, you're still around to feel if the perpetual care stops.

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On the Subject of Ximian and Eazel
Ximian Posted by CmdrTaco on 2001-05-02 15:18
from the stuff-to-read dept.
Isldeur writes: "Dennis Powell has a very interesting article on GNOME, Eazel, and the control thereof. However, while it is very thought provoking, it might inspire some heat. Still, I think these things are manifestly important to the ideal of Free Software to figure out!" A very well written article that says a lot of truth. I tend to think that some points are over beaten (lack of binaries for example. So what? Anyone can compile and distribute their own). Especially interesting is the point about Eazel and Paypal, and the comparison to OS/2. The difference, of course, is that this is Free Software in the speech sense, so it's a little more important than OS/2 IMHO. But there's some spicy words in here, and it's worth thought for those with objective minds.

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Simple Inexpensive Mobile Computer: The Simputer
Technology Posted by timothy on 2001-05-02 15:03
from the one-piece-of-puzzle dept.
Sachin Karol links to this Time Asia report about the Simputer. A snippet from the article: "It's not a PC, but rather a microcomputer, a "Simple Inexpensive Mobile Computer." In short, a Simputer. It's the latest attempt to reach a kind of techno-humanist grail: a computer priced and designed for the billions of people who have yet to set foot in the wired wards of the Global Village. A computer, say its creators, for the masses." (Read more.)

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