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What is AFU?

As if there's an easy explanation. Sample alt.folklore.urban for yourself (beware: some residents are reputed to have social skills that differ slightly and/or significantly from socially accepted norms) or try the archive of group-specific material here.

What is an &?

It's an ampersand.

What is an Urban Legend?

Peter van der Linden and Terry Chan seem to think in their alt.folklore.urban FAQ:

"An urban legend:

  • appears mysteriously and spreads spontaneously in varying forms
  • contains elements of humor or horror (the horror often "punishes" someone who flouts society's conventions).
  • makes good storytelling.
  • does NOT have to be false, although most are. ULs often have a basis in fact, but it's their life after-the-fact (particularly in reference to the second and third points) that gives them particular interest."

What is an Archive?

Read for yourself:

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