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Welcome to Amaya

W3C's Editor/Browser

Amaya is a browser/authoring tool that allows you to publish documents on the Web. It is used to demonstrate and test many of the new developments in Web protocols and data formats. Given the very fast moving nature of Web technology, Amaya has a central role to play. It is versatile and extensible and is available on both Unix and Windows '95/NT platforms.

Amaya has a counterpart called Jigsaw which plays a similar role on the server side.

Amaya is a complete web browsing and authoring environment and comes equipped with a "WYSIWYG style" of interface, similar to that of the most popular commercial browsers. With such an interface, users can easily generate HTML and XHTML pages, as well as CSS style sheets, MathML expressions, and SVG drawings (full support of SVG is not yet available, though).

Amaya includes a collaborative annotation application based on Resource Description Framework (RDF), XLink, and XPointer. Visit the Annotea project home page.

Amaya - Open Source

Amaya is an open source software project hosted by W3C. You are invited to contribute in many forms (documentation, translation, writing code, fixing bugs, porting to another platform...).

Current release

The current release, Amaya 4.3.2, supports HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0, XHTML Basic, HTTP/1.1, MathML 2.0, many CSS 2 features, and limited SVG support. It also includes an annotation application based on XPointer and RDF. See the Overview and Activity pages for more details.

Future release

We plan to make a new release by end of June 2001.

Amaya is covered by the free software W3C Copyright Statement. The iconW3C-Amaya can be inserted in your Web pages when they are created and edited by Amaya.

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