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08. August 2000
Domain name change

Unfortunately, the domain name for this page will change soon. You should update all your links and bookmarks to http://www.dors.de/RazorBlade/. That will be the place that links to the new location, which will be http://www.kittelberger.net/~dors/RazorBlade/

Please excuse this inconvenience.

26. June 2000
RazorLame 1.0.1 released!

Some people requested it, and finally it's here! RazorLame is a Windows front-end for LAME, which is another free mp3 encoder. If you like BladeEnc and RazorBlade, be sure to check it out!

01. December 1999
RazorBlade 1.4.1 released!

This release fixes only some bugs, so if RazorBlade works for you, there's probably no need for you to download it. However, if you had trouble with RazorBlade on NT4 you might want to give this version a try.

09. September 1999
Language Pack updated!

Thanks to Alain Aupeix RazorBlade speaks now French! Go download the updated Language Pack and look for yourself!

23. August 1999
RazorBlade 1.4 released!

This release adds support for BladeEnc 0.82 and the ability to drop a folder onto RazorBlade; it will be searched recursively and all found audio files will be added. Also, I've tried to enhance the ability to easily add translations to RazorBlade. Therefore I've split RazorBlade into the "plain" program which is in English, and a sperate Language Pack, which currently includes only a translation for German. However, I hope to be able to supply you with other languages soon!

On a more exciting note, RazorBlade is now OpenSource, meaning that you can download the Delphi 4 source. If you are a Delphi 4 programmer wanting to help me develop RazorBlade further, have a look at the source and feel free to contact me!

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