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The dot-com office suite just got better -- Download StarOffice[tm] 5.2

StarOffice[tm] 5.2 Software

The ultimate free, full-featured, integrated, interoperable office suite just got better

With the latest version of the StarOffice application suite, Sun continues to change the way people buy, use, deploy, and develop personal productivity applications. This open, extensible software features enhanced application performance and reliability, delivering a complete set of rich, easy-to-use office productivity tools in a unified desktop environment. The StarOffice 5.2 suite is now available for free download in Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

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NEW ! StarOffice 5.2 Suite brochure pdf

NEW ! StarOffice 5.2 Suite datasheet pdf

Feature Story: StarOffice software open source announcement
In one of the largest actions of its kind, Sun is working in partnership with the leaders of the free software and open source community to make the source code for its StarOffice software suite freely available under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

Feature Story: Unleashing Innovation
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What's New!
StarOffice Writer for professional document
StarOffice Calc for calculation and analysis
StarOffice Impress for high-impact presentations
StarOffice Draw for graphics illustrations
StarOffice Base for data at your fingertips
StarOffice Schedule to stay organized and on schedule
StarOffice Mail for constant communication
StarOffice Discussion for news reading

StarOffice Downloads DOWNLOAD NOW!
StarOffice 5.2 suite - the next milestone in Sun's vision to dot-com office productivity application software.

You should upgrade to StarOffice 5.2 software

The latest version of the StarOffice application suite delivers enhanced features such as:

  • Greatly improved Microsoft Office import and export filters, including support for Microsoft Office 2000 features.
  • Full online help and written documentation (which was not available in version 5.1)
  • Reduced presentation file sizes, a new StarOffice player and all new saving options give you presentations on the go.
  • Full database engine on Windows, Solaris/SPARC and Linux platforms
  • Expanded localization and multi-lingual support
  • Great new organizational enhancements in the Open and Save dialogs.
  • Expanded Hyperlink functionality
  • New formatting and layout options for word processor documents
  • Unified indexing and referencing functionality makes generating complex tables of content,indices, bibliographies, illustrations and tables a snap
  • New WYSIWYG font dialog lets you see your font before you pick it

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