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    Russian Keyboard Dual Layout

    Windows come with standard Russian keyboard layout and with Russian typewriter keyboard layout. This is great for me, but not for many people who live abroad for a long time. Many of them do not know the standard Russian keyboard layout, and idea of writing on keyboard keys and looking at it while typing is not appealing. Those people prefer to use Transliterated (Mnemonic) keyboard layout because it puts Russian letters to similar sounding Latin ones. There are several commercial products that would change the standard layout to transliterated. This is good for many people, if they are the only one who is using the same computer or others also like it and do not plan to learn the real thing. But if you want to keep both layouts on the same computer those programs will not be helpful, plus they cost a lot of money. To solve this we have made a simple workaround - Russian Keyboard Dual Layout, that lets you keep all the standard windows layouts by adding just one more new one - RussianTranslit.

    You can download it free. You can redistribute it if you make a link to this page.
    zipdual-rukbd-layout.zip  Unzip to temp folder and follow the instruction in howto.txt file. [3.2 kb]

    Keyboard Layout Properties Screenshot

    I did not have a chance to test is extensively, so if you find any problems, please let me know; I will try to fix it then.

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