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Please read this before downloading!

BladeEnc is distributed as free software under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), granting you the right to use, modify and redistribute the program under the very liberal terms of the LGPL. Source code is available under the same terms from http://bladeenc.mp3.no/.

Unfortunately, two companies (Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson Consumer Electronics) have in some countries been granted patents on mp3 encoding. They demand expensive royalties for every distributed mp3 encoder, no matter if it is distributed for free or as a commercial package. Their claims are in many cases questionable since the legislation in many countries (including the whole of Europe) clearly states that (1) patents only covers commercial use of the patented technology and (2) software-only implementations are excempt from patents. But since BladeEnc is a sparetime hobby project produced by a handful of enthusiasts, we can't afford to have our case tested in court, but have to obey by their rules.

Therefore we have to warn you that if you live in one of the following countries it might be illegal for you to download and/or use BladeEnc:

Australia, Austria, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Neatherlands, USA

The following countries have granted patents for the use of MP3 technology in transmission of audio, still making it legal to use BladeEnc for personal uses, but probably illegal to use for netcasting:

Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey

Please also note that this is the situation at the time of writing. Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson Consumer Electronics have actively been trying to extend their patents to new territories and they have great help from the US Government who is lobbying heavily to get all other countries to accept software patents as well (they call it "harmonizing" the patent legislation between different countries, when it in fact is an attempt to force their own stupid ideas onto everyone else since they figure it's good for their multinational companies. The rest of the world was allready in harmony in NOT accepting software patents before they started their campaign, now Japan has followed suit and the European Union is being heavily approached).

It's very likely that the situation will change to the worse in the future and we therefore recommend everyone to fight against further adoption of software patents! Read this article to get information on why software patents is a bad idea and go to http://www.freepatents.org/ to help fight against software patents.


Latest stable version: 0.94.1
Operating System File name File size (B) Upload date Comments
Linux (Caldera 2.3+, i386+) BEnc-0941-LinuxCaldera2.3-i386.tar.gz 61.688 27/04/2001 none
Linux (Debian unstable (Sid), i386+) BEnc-0941-LinuxSid-i386.deb 53.114 28/04/2001 homepage
OpenServer 5+ (i386+) BEnc-0941-OpenServer5-i386.tar.gz 80.004 27/04/2001 none
UnixWare 7+ (i386+) BEnc-0941-UnixWare7-i386.tar.gz 69.402 27/04/2001 none

Latest unstable (development) version: none
This version is intended for testers (and you can be tester, too).
Operating System File name File size (B) Upload date Comments
none none none none none

Old versions
Operating System File name File size (B) Upload date Comments
Amiga WarpOS (PowerPC) BEnc-094-WarpOS-PowerPC.lzx 209.475 16/03/2000 version 0.94, homepage
BeOS (i586+) BEnc-091-BeOS-i586.tar.gz 139.873 22/10/2000 version 0.91
Digital Unix (DEC Alpha) BEnc-075-DigitalUnix-DECAlpha.tar.gz 109.358 22/10/2000 version 0.75
Digital Unix (DEC Alpha) BEnc-075-DigitalUnix-DECAlphastatic.tar.gz 230.970 22/10/2000 version 0.75, static
FreeBSD (DEC Alpha) BEnc-075-FreeBSD-DECAlpha.tar.gz 110.546 22/10/2000 version 0.75
FreeBSD 4.3+ (i586+) BEnc-094-FreeBSD4.3-i586.tar.gz 128.976 15/03/2000 version 0.94
HP-UX BEnc-076-HPUX.tar.gz 162.438 22/10/2000 version 0.76
Irix 6.2+ BEnc-082-Irix6.2.tar.gz 149.288 22/10/2000 version 0.82
Linux (DEC Alpha) BEnc-090-Linux-DECAlpha.tar.gz 734.945 22/10/2000 version 0.90
Linux (i586+) BEnc-0927-Linux-i586.tar.gz 185.933 21/02/2001 version 0.92.7
Linux (MIPS) BEnc-076-Linux-MIPS.tar.gz 160.197 22/10/2000 version 0.76
Linux (PPC) BEnc-090-Linux-PPC.tar.gz 125.845 22/10/2000 version 0.90
Linux (Sparc) BEnc-076-Linux-Sparc.tar.gz 131.489 22/10/2000 version 0.76
Mac BEnc-0926-Mac.sit 541.624 23/01/2001 version 0.92.6, homepage
MS-DOS (i586+) BEnc-094-MSDOS-i586.zip 133.194 16/03/2001 version 0.94
NetBSD (PMax 1.4+) BEnc-091-NetBSD-PMax1.4.tar.gz 209.860 22/10/2000 version 0.91
NeXT BEnc-076-NeXT.tar.gz 142.708 22/10/2000 version 0.76
OS-2 (i586+) BEnc-092-OS2-i586.zip 144.067 25/10/2000 version 0.92
Solaris (i586+) BEnc-089-Solaris-i586.tar.gz 222.413 22/10/2000 version 0.89
Solaris (Sparc, ILP32) BEnc-094-Solaris-SparcILP32.tar.gz 114.472 16/03/2001 version 0.94
Solaris (UltraSparc, ILP32) BEnc-094-Solaris-UltraSparcILP32.tar.gz 122.191 16/03/2001 version 0.94
SunOS 4.1.3+ BEnc-072-SunOS4.1.3.tar.gz 122.133 22/10/2000 version 0.72
Windows (i586+) BEnc-094-Win-i586.zip 103.621 18/03/2001 version 0.94
Windows (i586+) - DLL BEnc-094-Win-i586-dll.zip 83.691 15/03/2001 version 0.94
Windows (iP4) BEnc-094-Win-iP4.zip 122.920 15/03/2001 version 0.94
Windows NT (DEC Alpha) BEnc-091-WinNT-DECAlpha.zip 238.767 22/10/2000 version 0.91
Windows NT (DEC Alpha) - DLL BEnc-091-WinNT-DECAlpha-dll.zip 227.467 22/10/2000 version 0.91

If you can (and want to) compile and send me binary (binaries) for other Operating System(s) please send it (them).
But be sure that they are working and are optimized. For more information read this.

Source code

Source code can be obtained here.


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