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    You can buy movies in many many places: in malls, in video rental places, in supermarkets etc. And sometimes it works, however those who get movies often enough might recommend you something else, so do we.
    here are few places where you can get movies:

    #1  We have a virtual movie stores where you can get most of the films that we recommend. some films is art, I love them
    dimka.vstoremovies.com and dimka.vstoredvds.com
    So, in our view selection is great and prices are intact.
    Since store is virtual we just taking care of the selection and
    customizing how it looks, while actual ordering and shipping is
    done by vStore, but they are really good.

    RBCMP3 - www.rbcmp3.com
    This is the place to buy Russian as well as European movies on DVD and Video.
    They have film in NTSC and Pal, they also offer a variety of zone-free and multi-system DVD players.
    RBC gives free shipping and you can view and listen most of the stuff before you buy it.

    This is a huge online book, CD and video store, they sell new VHS tapes and DVDs.
    They have bought IMDb in 1998.

    DVD.com - [formally www.DVDexpress.com]
    Name speaks for itself, prices are still good, while they are fighting for their place on the market.

    TOWER Records Video Books - www.towerrecords.com
    Tower Records is a chain of big music stores in the US.
    It's a cool place to visit, and they rent movies too.

    New and used VHS tapes and new DVDs, mostly mainstream.
    They also provide a list of "Movie Matches" -- similar films that cover the same subject,
    appeal to the same audience, or provide a similar moviegoing experience.
    They have film.com

    Kim's Video - kimsvideo.com
    New York's famous video store. You can find lots of rare thing there.

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