Hey, I’m Dmitri Zdorov, but my friends call me Dimka, so I adapted it as the domain name. During the last few years I’ve been traveling the world — Moscow, Boston, Phuket, Riga, San Francisco, Tucson etc.

I do product design and management for web and mobile software applications currently at Vedomatic.
I also take on freelance gigs and sometimes become traditionally employed.


How you can find me online:
Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Plurk, ЖЖ.

I paint, and my artwork lives at
KazyaMazya.com and on Flickr.


Some pages on this site and other projects:
Fonts — I design typefaces, they live there.
Translated Book Covers to write about books in Russian
Dimka Daily is my Blog in English
Movies — I talk about what films I like
Youtube канал 42 чего-то
DimkaIMG — My Inspirational Images Telegram Channel
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