Fonts Created By Dimka

I make fonts mostly for my personal use, and some of them are made available here for you. So far they are all free for both personal and commercial use, just grab them and use, if you can, I'd be happy if you give me a credit, but you don't have to.
or perhaps you can send me a thank you email or even buy me a coffee.

The some of the following fonts were created using iFontMaker, Fontlab or Glyphs.

These fonts offer extended Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, available for computers, as webfonts and for iOS devices.

Originals are hosted at

  • Slimamif (Слимамиф)

    Slimamif Font by Dimka

    Thin multilingual typeface, stylistically something between handwriting and Art Nouveau.

    Download all 4, in both OTF and TTF ~2.2Mb

    or, individually:

  • Xarrovv (Зарровв)

    Xarrovv Font by Dimka

    Xarrovv has extended Latin, Creek, Cyrillic, Thai, Georgian, Armenian and Hebrew alphabets, and more than 3000 CJK characters, all composed diacritics for Vietnamese and all European languages. It supports all the languages of Russian Federation and former USSR. All currency signs, fractals and lots of math symbols etc. It supports local for stylistic variations of characters in Russian, Bulgarian and Serbian.
    Visually it looks like a handwriting of a meticulous person.

    • 9.2mb (contains latest OTF of Xarrovv, Xarrovv Bold, TTF and woff file and info)
    • original Xarrovv at
    • Xarrovv.otf (version 1.026) It has 5,065 glyphs 3.2mb
      (OTF offers improved kerning, font also set as regular instead of medium, but I have not set up install of webfont yet)
  • DiTulum

    DiTulum Font by Dimka

    Simple handwritten typeface to reflect on good and worryless times.

  • Slimmary is a very thin sans sarif typeface, just English so far

    Slimmary Font by Dimka, poem by W.B. YeatsSlimmary (Local copy ttf 17kb)

  • Dimica — a light geometric typeface, with support for cyrillic languages.

    Dimica Light Font by DimkaDimica-Light.otf 63kb

  • HG2G Title RU is a Russified font of a handwritten title of the original cover of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

    HG2GTitleRu Font by DimkaHG2GTitleRU.otf 54kb

  • Oniks is a Russified, Cyrillic version of Onyx (that was designed by Gerry Powell in 1937), I needed to use it for the translation of the original cover of cover of Slaughterhouse-Five.

    Oniks Font by Dimka

    Oniks.otf 43kb

Legacy and misc. stuff