Slimamif / Слимамиф / Σλιμαμιφ / სლიმამიფ — Thin multilingual typeface, stylistically something between handwriting and Art Nouveau. It sports extended Latin, Cyrillic, Greek and Georgian scripts and virtually supports all European languages and more that 70 ethnic languages of Russian Federation and former Soviet Union. It has new Ruble sign and other special characters that are used on the web.

Slimamif is distributed under The SIL Open Font License (OFL) and is completely free for both personal and commercial use. If you can, I'd be happy if you give me a credit, but you don't have to.
Perhaps you can send me a thank you email or even buy me a coffee.

Initially it was made in iFontMaker iPad App and first early versions are also hosted at their 2ttf gallery.

Latest version is v.1.088 2021-04-10

It is available in Light, Regular, Medium and Bold weights


Download all 4, in both OTF and TTF ~3.1Mb

or, individually:

  • Slimamif Regular from 2ttf, local copy ttf 322kb, otf 415kb
  • Slimamif Light from 2ttf, local copy ttf 258kb, otf 321kb
  • Slimamif Medium from 2ttf, local copy ttf 276kb, otf 350kb
  • Slimamif Bold from 2ttf, local copy ttf 283kb, otf 354kb
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