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Finally we passed the spooky moment of time counting and since very few things got broken we are back to life. I guess when you were a kid you were thinking: "In the Year 2000 I will be ..., ah - ah - probably old, but that's so far away, etc. etc." I thought so too. But numbers are numbers and they are not as important as we often think. For example many people claim that it's still not a 21st, but 20th century and there is one more year before the new millennium. Confusing, inconvenient and still questionable. Who cares, no one can prove that calendar is any precise, besides when we talk about year 1900 no one seems to call it 19th century. And five - ten years later no one will refer to this yeas as 20th century (maybe folks from 20 Century Fox). Important thing that problems were solved and every institution was prepared, so now it may look like we did not have to do any of that, but it's not really so, smooth rollover is the result of good work and in a way an example of the progress of the society. happy 1900
also we finally went to see - Being John Malkovich. It's a good one (somehow I feel that everyone already have seen it and made their conclusion) anyway if you have not seen it yet, just do it. Malkovich
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