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Playing DVD movies on a computer can be done via hardware decoder or by software application. Decoder is a nice options, but I'm always out of empty PCI slots, and it make so-called SoftDVD player an attractive option, but until recently no one would make Win NT 4.0 Soft DVD Player. WinDVD by InterVideo is the first one and it's limited to the Intel CPU too. Anyway I finally got it to work. It's working just fine, and utilize only 20-25% of each of two P3-500 CPU's. I also strongly believe that SCSI makes it run well too. From now on I'm not gonna buy any video tapes, only DVDs. The whole big issue - why not Windows 2000? But it's a separate topic and we are not talking about it. What sucks is that I could not manage to make a screenshots of the films - it comes up as a black empty area. WinDVD
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