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Macromedia and Allaire are merging, new company will be called Macromedia with headquarters if San Francisco. They target to complete the merger Q2 2001. Macromedia+Allaire
Got my hands on the Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 Beta. Once again it does not look much different from previous version. First they added one more toolbar on the left. It's similar to the search-favorites-history but it does not disappear completely, it's minimizes but still visible. It has several new functions like e-mail contacts, msn, encarta, media etc. For e-mail contacts tab they added new toolbar button, one more button for altavista pane. I am not sure how much it's customizable. One more nice feature is that you can lock toolbars, so that they can't move accidentally until you unlock them. If you hover on a picture, which is not a link, a small icon-menu will pop up. Since it's still a beta there several bugs, for example google search toolbar does not integrate well, some entries in the menu are simply not visible. Public Beta should be available March 14th
[click on the picture to see full-size screenshot 1&2]
IE 6 Beta

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