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In US there are several cell phone standards TDMA, CDMA etc. However in Europe and in Russia GSM is the standard. GSM have presence in North America too, and now after VoiceStream had swallowed OmniPoint it is the only big provider [yet there are talks that AT&T will offer it soon as well] What complicate things that within GSM there are different frequencies (900/1800/1900 MHz), that are different between US, Europe and Russia/Asia. It's not too bad because there are many phone that would support more that one frequency. But the problem is that most of them are only Dual Band. However some people would want to have Triple Band ones, and then your choice will be very limited, because for example VoiceStream website would offer only one - Motorola Timeport, thus no choice. Nevertheless I was able to find few other Tri-Band models. Here they are:
Motorola Timeport L7089, as I understand, the first available true tri-band phone. Motorola has a newer model Timeport P7389, that looks the same (maybe color of the body s lighter). Bunch of new features including browser. Also I found that several sited mention new Motorola V-Phone that is GSM and tri-band capable - Motorola v66. Motorola's website does not list it though. The only real alternative is Siemens S40. They also have S42 which should be the same thing but with flip cover and A40 that looked the same and I could not find much info about it. Bosch also have a true tri-band phone - Bosch 1886. However it looks identically to the Siemens' one and eventhough Bosch has several other models they don't really have any info about cell phones on their site. Actually I was shocked. Ericsson also had a nice looking tri-band model - Ericsson R520m. But it's available right now. Surprisingly I could not find any Nokia Tri-Band phones, yet I'm sure that they will have one soon too. The good thing is that there are so called GSM 400 Specifications that actually would make Triple Band to be a requirement, and soon all new GSM phones will be support that specifications.
Tripple Band GSM Phones

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