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I had to create bunch of GIFs for a project that involve Traditional Chinese characters. PhotoShop or ImageReady are my favorite tools, yet I do not have localized versions of them and constrained to plain English ones. And Adobe is working on Unicode, but it's not there yet, in other words I could get my work done, but I was looking for more optimal way. I decided to try Microsoft PhotoDraw that comes with Office 2000. I saw a demo on Seybold Seminars and it was not that bad, besides it's seems to be fully Unicode enabled. It's a good product if you need to use it ones a month and do not want to learn difference between vector and bitmap graphics. Probably it is even somewhat intuitive to someone who never did any image editing on a computer. PhotoDraw is a strong competitor to Adobe PhotoDeluxe. After all it's just version 1.0. The problem with this product is that many things are implemented in such an inconvenient way that I want to avoid using it. It's fun to play with it, but if you need to get work done it's a wrong app, I guess they will try to make it better. MS PhotoDraw 1.0
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