Cable with LED

2020-04-10, by Dmitri Zdorov

Moshi USB-C cable with LED

In addition to my Macbook Pro 16", I also got a number of various accessories. Although most of them are good, there is only one that really makes me feel very, very happy. This is a USB Type C to Type C charging cable with LED light. There is a green light for fully charged battery, an orange light for still charging battery, and no light for no power being connected. This is a straightforward idea, yet it's difficult to find, expensive, and also pretty rare. Due to Apple removing any indicators from non-Apple products, this is an ongoing inconvenience. It is solved by this little light.

A charging cable with LED from Moshi was available from Amazon at one point. They have good quality stuff in general, so I am happy with everything by that brand.

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