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2023-09-10, by Dmitri Zdorov

Matthew Ball - The Metaverse Book

Matthew Ball's The Metaverse: And How It Will Revolutionize Everything provides a comprehensive overview of the past, present, and potential future of the metaverse. Ball defines key concepts like virtual and augmented reality, digital worlds, and the evolution of the internet into a persistent virtual realm. He analyzes technological hurdles, potential business models, and hypothetical societal impacts with insight. This is an essential read for anyone looking to understand what the metaverse is and where it may take us next.

Ball covers a tremendous amount of territory, from the evolution of virtual worlds to spatial computing to crypto-economics. While wide-ranging, he delves into topics like interoperability and governance in enough depth to satisfy technical readers like myself. I especially appreciated his exploration of how fiction has primed our expectations of the metaverse. Walking through examples from Snow Crash to Ready Player One, he makes clear connections between imagination and innovation.

With metaverse momentum growing in the past year, and amazingly some of the technological details are already now outdated. But the book’s core analysis remains highly relevant. Anyone looking to truly understand the possibilities and challenges posed by the metaverse will gain a grounded perspective from reading this book. I certainly finished it more enlightened, and with plenty of new questions about what the metaverse could enable, how it could transform society, and what risks it may pose if not thoughtfully guided. The Metaverse succeeds in covering almost every major issue around this complex emerging technology that will soon touch all of our lives.

The metaverse is upon us, it will be big and it will change the world whether we want it or not, and it will be profound, just like the internet. We all be better off if more of us will start preparing now.

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