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I got Netscape 6 Preview Release 3. It's available for Windows, Mac and Linux, in English and Japanese with some other languages coming a bit later. User interface is much better now and main thing it's way more customizable. Skins can be used, and it comes with two of them: Modern (the one you see below) and Classic, which looks pretty much like Netscape 4.x Another cool thing that setup give you more options in picking components, which previous versions did not have and I think it was a big negative factor for me. It has better support for PNG now. But multilingual part is not there yet, question marks instead of foreign languages pop up here and there all the time. Also there is a little toolbar on the bottom that has some promo kinda things, I guess some people might like it, what I like about it, is that all those links are not in my bookmarks anymore. They also have small buttons in the left bottom corner that let you open new windows - useful thing, I like it. Over all Netscape 6 looks much better now even with default settings and it's getting to be a real competitor to IE.
Netscape 6 Preview 3
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