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I want to say a couple of words about Adobe PhotoShop 5.0 Limited Edition (or simply LE). It has been on the market for some time now, but it has little publicity, I think that many people really underestimate it. I was not considering it seriously because I thought that it's something like Adobe PhotoDeluxe, which is absolutely useless program for me (or anyone who needs even simple image manipulation program). Probably "Limited Edition" really drove me away - "Why ever use LE if I have a full version". In fact there are reasons to use LE. It loads way way faster then PhotoShop, what means that it much more attractive to view and occasionally edit files. Also it is very small, so it would be a good candidate for laptop too. And it's inexpensive, if you ever need to buy it, but many of you might get it free with bundled with something. CD that I got was a real winner, multiple languages plus PC and Mac versions. So after all those advantageous features we face the main question: how good is it and what PhotoShop features are missing? To be very short: Adobe PhotoShop 5.0 LE more or less similar to PhotoShop 4. It has layers, filters, most adjustments, twain driver import etc. However, text function is very simple, I'd say after fancy PhotoShop 5.5 and 6.0 text tool LE one looks very poor, but it can do the job most of the time for me and probably to most of the other people too. CMYK mode is not there, and all those new "save for the web" things are missing too, but you still can export to GIF89a, and save as JPEG or PNG. After all it can't really compete with PhotoShop 6 but if you thinking to get some cheap program because you can't afford full version of PhotoShop, that would be a good program to consider. I like it because it's very fast, and I will keep both Full version and LE on my main machine.
PhotoShop 5 LE
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