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A bit more about internet browsers. Once Netscape was the king of the internet browsers. This is a history. IE rules the web these days, but is it the best browser? It got much better, it's good, but I don't think it's the best. And the good think that there is competition. There are many browsers on the market and they all have their own good things, that allows them to compete. I use several of them, and always looking for other new ones. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 7 is in beta now. I would not really want it. IE 6 has tons of problems compare to IE 5.5, which I use, if I have to use IE, and unfortunately sometimes I have to. Overall I usually use Opera. They just released new browser for mobile devices. It has special reformatting features, that optimizes webpages to view on narrow screens and without horizontal scrolling. Omniweb and iCab are available only for the Mac. They are good browsers, as well as Konqueror (KDE's Linux and BSD) browser, which is really impressive. I wish it would come with all plug-ins preinstalled. Another family of browsers is based on Open Source project Mozilla. The main goal of the project is to make the right rendering engine - they call it Gecko. But besides that they made a whole browser - Mozilla (current version is 1.1, with 1.2 in alpha) Gecko rendering engine is really good, and it's in the core of some other browsers. AOL's Netscape 7 is most noticed one, but there are also Chimera, K-Meleon and Phoenix.
Today I installed and started to use Phoenix - it reached milestone 0.3 (very early, pre-alpha) I was very pleasantly surprised. It's very light, because it's basically very very stripped down version of Mozilla - no mail, composer etc. just the browser. It has tabbed interface, multilingual support, customizable interface etc. I definitely like it a lot more than Netscape 7.

Phoenix 0.3 click on the image to see larger screenshot

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