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There are many ways to sort things out. some folks make lists, some apply labels or find metaphors or correlations to everything they see. It is all fine, but I realized that for me the most visually presentable tool is scale and thus i arrange everything to to some various scales. And it does not really mean to put thinks on one line in a special order, no. It's really important to to figure out what belong to some scale and what to a completely different one. but in the same time it got some perceivable unrelated things on one scale and it makes a lot of sense now.

It works for general thoughts and theories as well as for a wide range of things from politics to sex, from exact sciences to associations.

Maybe you use something else, but because I am a really detail oriented person and pay attention to even smallest things, gravitate to systematics and rooting the causes - I came to the scales as the best working model
But it is all a nonsense in a way, listening to music and drawing is way more appealing

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