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A guy (who goes by name Peter Joseph, but I am not really sure that it is his real name) made a movie - Zeitgeist (Spirit of the time), it is a 2007 non-profit web documentary film hosted at google video, it is 116 minutes long and it is free. He is not a professional movie maker, not a professional historian, as far as i understand he is just a guy, who decided to do something about things that he cares.
I first heard about it in july, and it was a lot of discussions at the time, but I never got to write about it then, yet recently I was talking about it a lot and thus I decided to make an entry. according google’s statistics it was watched more that 6 million times, but you can watch it in parts and on youtube as well, yet there is very little talk about it in the mainstream media.

The film has 3 parts, and for me they look really related, yet many people claim that those are three separate subjects. maybe. Nevertheless, it has lots of facts, and even if you do not believe in their accuracy, it still has a lot to make you think and reevaluate your believes. Not that many films can claim that.

I do not want to force you to watch the entire 116 minutes, but if you care to talk about it you should, and if not, i can suggest you to watch just the first part the greatest story ever told

The entire movie can be watched at the official website zeitgeistmovie.com or at google video video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5547481422995115331&hl=en

I do not agree with many things in the film and i do agree with many things in the film, you milage may vary. My main concern is that it does in part the very thing it criticize - makes things look scary, and it simplifies many very big subjects like reasons for the wars and issues of terrorism. And I suspect that some facts maybe not be accurate or taken out of context, but it is just a view of one guy, and should be taken as that. What is more important is that things around us very fishy, and government is not transparent about them. War on terror, as well as other wars like war in iraq or war on drugs are very profitable for few and very bad for most of us. If fact big corrupted governments that deprive its people from civil liberties are bad for most of us. And it is not the USA problem, it is a global problem. When democracy in one country suffers, the entire world is set back. So, the movie is an attempt to explain some of the popular among rulers ways to fool and control people.

Instead of talking about different parts of the movie, I want to tell you about related materials.
1. zeitgeistmovie.com/transcript.htm - interactive transcript (right now it is not complete)
2. if you moved by the film you may want to do something. Peter Joseph could not sit still, he made this. it is up to you to choose what you want to do.
3. ron paul is one of the very few sane politicians and he is trying to address many of the issues. he is a republican, yet he is bill maher’s hero.
4. jacque fresco is another guy with sane ideas
5. mouseland is a short animated story
6. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zeitgeist_(video)
7. most of the reviews and critiques about the film are lame. they just “yeah, yeah, yeah” praises or unsubstantiated bashing, sometimes done by people who did not even bothered to watch it. the most sane negative critique is by jay kinney at boing boing

Globalization is upon us, and everything is related. All those topics from the movie (including federal reserve bank and 9/11 and iraq) still effect you, even if you do not care about politics or even if you live outside the usa.
In my oppinioun the most valuable idea in the film is that main thing hurting our civilisation is the wide spead attempt to create an elitist feeling in us, and that is the root.
This is a Russian version is also available (It is in 8 part RAR archive format - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)

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