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New in science, unified theories, The Resonance Project and Nassim Haramein.
Science is advancing, sadly most of the people do not really pay attention to the fundamental science. and that is in the period of really big discoveries. So big that would change the way we understand everything. big changes happening in mathematics, with e8. But even bigger things happening in physics - one of the key areas of our understanding of the world.

So, there is modern physics - that is what we study in schools (perhaps) and that is what written in books, and scientific community is supporting it. and there is a lot of research is being done, but mostly it falls within the current system, just refining detail. but science is science and it is full of people who are trying to understand missing pieces. and there are tons of missing or inconsistent or assumed topics all over the place. one of the really big ones is lack of link between quantum theory (that has to do with tiny things) and general relativity (that deals with mostly huge things, speed of light etc). Plus there is gravity, time, dimensions, origin of big bang, dark matter and all sorts of things that are not really well explained. thus there are lots of efforts to explain and combine all that - those called unified theories. Usually they are very complex and constantly found wrong.

But, there is one new unified theory that I strongly believe is drastically better. And not just better - it is one giant step forward in our understanding of things. One of the differences is that it can be explained in a simple, easy to understand terms to an average educated person. They call it “The Resonance Project” and they have a video presentation on 4 dvds, where Nassim Haramein explains it all. Naturally it sound really long, but it is not because it is so sophisticated, but because it is presented an a very basic level and it covers huge part of physics and it is called Crossing the Event Horizon.

Obviously you are not gonna run and buy those dvds after reading this, let’s be realistic. What I am suggesting is just to watch a shorter presentation by Nassim Haramein, he is an amazing speaker. and if you get interested you might want to dig dipper. I actually think that this is revolutionary and it is huge. Unfortunately there is very little information about it on the web.
so here’s what i found for you:
theresonanceproject.org - this is the their official site. it has tons of info and a couple of video clips.
video.google.com/videoplay?docid=4907540922643918266 - this is short presentation at google video
Short radio interview with Nassim Haramein on YouTube - Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, it was recorded in May of 2007, shortly before he actually officially precented his Grand Unified Field Theory.
This is truly fascinating

Grand Unified Field Theory Paper

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