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Adobe made a big step today.
Online version of Photoshop Express.
It is very very limited set of features and tools,
more like adjustments. no brushes ((((

This is important because it is a very symbolic - a traditions desktop tool is getting to be a web app! Relevance of operating systems, local personal computers and large hard drives diminishes, and all new brave world of webapps is coming to eclipse it. it will take years. so did pc revolution. and now we are going back to mainframes. it is a spiral, or i'd even say fractal. borganization and freedom are heading our way.

p.s. i got to boston, did not have much time to see people yet, and londoshpongle:
a couple of weeks ago i actually went ahead and bough a ticket to shpongle,
in london,
playing october 31, 2008

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