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Inflation of useful space usage in Google search results

Yesterday John Gruber at Daring Fireball pointed to davidmihm.com/blog/google/world where David is showing that typical search results page at Google these days is predominantly uses space for Google itself and only a tiny bit to show actual results. On one hand it's understandable, it their duty to make money, and they got greedy and we have little choice, so they force us to look at their ads. And make no mistake, google own navigation and buttons and links are all ads, ads of themselves. They want you to stay in their not-so-little world. And we know that too much advertising does not work well. They know it because it was part of their "don't be evil" strategy years ago, not anymore. Showing more ads is not nearly as evil as allowing paid inlusions and they do that now too. It is just steps on their walk from people's "not evil" darling to yet another big evil greedy corporate monster, they know it, but they want the money more than sticking to their moral principals.
One day many years ago I got lucky with google, I opened a browser, searched for "elegant and stylish webdesign" and my site was at the top, so I saved the page. Take a look at the difference. Inflation of useful space usage in Google search results
original screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4

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