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2021-10-28, by Dmitri Zdorov

Covid control

Let's agree that there is a pandemic. Yes, there is a virus. It is dangerous, you can get infected and die, and more people are dying now than usual.

Not everyone agrees with this, but it's hard to discuss this further without going crazy. But suppose you agree with the presence of the virus. In that case, everyone already has a different perception of danger and a very different understanding of what to do about it. This is normal. This is generally an evolutionary mechanism for difficult situations. Natural selection in action, you could say.

Here is my principled position on this matter. The virus is dangerous, but not so dangerous that humanity will die. We should not go crazy and forget other essential principles. Worries about the economy, the rule of law, and individual freedoms are important too, and no less important than fighting this virus. Too harsh measures, in general, will do more harm.

That is why I am against mandatory vaccination. The state should not force people to be vaccinated. It should not at this stage already impose severe restrictive measures, obligatory social distancing, and forced closures of entire industries. Even force them to wear masks or, worse, gloves.

We had passed the point when it wasn't at all clear what was going on. There are many different vaccines in most places globally, even there is already a choice and availability.

The role of the state is to help organize and inform. And it is the role of each individual to decide how to protect themselves and their loved ones. It is also the role of each business to decide whether to require masks or to provide test results or vaccinations. Very timely and accurate statistics, and in general, a summary of the situation will allow people to make the right decisions. Then the authorities should help to take action. Help businesses, help medical institutions, just people. But do not force them. A high level of reliable information will be the best means and incentive.

Tyranny on the part of the state machine will not help but will only strengthen the state machine itself. That will lead to excesses and thus stagnation (if not regression) in the development of civilization.

I do not believe that the virus was specially created to introduce stricter control of the population. But it is already evident that the situation will be used by various authorities of all levels to gain even more power and this very unrestricted control.

The freedoms we give away today will most likely not even be known to our grandchildren.

I got the vaccine myself. And I suggest you get one too. But again, everyone has to decide this for themselves. And at the same time decide for themselves how to deal with the overwhelming freedom machine of the states.

Let's deal with Covid-19 with information, not with regulations and mandotary actions.

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