The French Dispatch

2021-11-18, by Dmitri Zdorov

French Dispatch

The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun is a new film written, directed, and produced by Wes Anderson from a story he conceived with Roman Coppola, Hugo Guinness, and Jason Schwartzman.

Wes Anderson is one of my favorite film directors. Thus, I was delighted to see this movie on an opening day. I had very high expectations, and yet, there was nothing there to disappoint me. Such a great film.

Fantastic directing, photography, decorations, and acting, as well as everything else. Just go watch it when you have a chance.

It is made of three separate stories about imaginary newspaper articles, actually four, the story about those stories too. Joy, humor, art, romance, and just sheer aesthetic beauty are mesmerizing. But overall, it is about how literary work can be great and life-changing. I wish there would be contemporary papers like that.

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