My next iPhone wish list

2021-12-25, by Dmitri Zdorov

full iphone lineup blurry

The future lineup of iPhones is blurry, but since it's Christmas, I want to put forward a wish list of how I wish it to be. Obviously, Apple does not follow lists like that, yet I still want to have it out there, at least to say that I voiced my requests.

Also, note that everything I ask for already exists in Apple products already, and I am not asking for magic.


  1. Full lineup, which means Max size for both pro and non pro, and Mini size for both too.
  2. USB4, and yes, that means USB-C connector.
  3. Touch ID in the power button.
  4. Fully functional Reverse charging.
  5. Wifi 6E

This way, it will take care of various options for various price points. iPhone SE should be in two sizes too, and still, have Home Button and 3.5mm headphone jack. Actually, I would really love to have it back on all iPhones, but that is so much unlikely that I even hesitate to put it on a magic wish list. Lightning connector for SE is fine too, but it would be a good moment to switch all devices to that connector.

All other features should improve too, gradually and consistently.

Software-wise, my long-standing main request is to keep all apps and features up to date. Reliability is still a bit problematic for me, almost every tent-pole feature is buggy, every major app is not functioning that well.

The Smart Connector for future iPad mini would be great too.

Apple recently pleased us with reversing many of previously unpopular decisions. Maybe they can go one step further. But it's still so hard to believe it. I think I am not asking too much.

BTW, I'd get iPhone 14 Pro Mini

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