2022-03-20, by Dmitri Zdorov


Today is a spring equinox. In most counties of the world (except for Russia and a few former Soviet countries), it is the first day of Spring. I hope Spring will bring peace and people's hearts will warm up.

Also, Equinox (Равноденствие) was the title of the Åquarium album that came out in 1997. I think it was their last great one. Åquarium was the most influential music band of my youth years, and not only mine, many of my friends felt the same. They were semi-prohibited during the Soviet era, yet that did not stop them from creating lots of solid poetry and beautiful music. But when things opened up, the magnificence of their work went down. Concerts were done not in underground venues but in huge stadiums full of people, ads on mainstream TV, and multimillion album sales. The fame and lack of censorship diluted the meaning of the songs. I've just read in the news that Boris Grebenschikov, among many others, was banned by Russian state officials again. Let's hope that these new limitations would only spark a new wave of inspiration and bravery among old and new creatives.

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