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I upgraded my IE 6 beta to public beta version that is available form winupdate site. Some things are still buggy, for example it got better with remembering some toolbar settings, but still does not keep their positions correctly. They also have a new tab under options - Privacy, that adds a little icon on the status bar. The good thing is that they removed minimized personal bar thing from the left of the browser windows and replaced it with the button in the toolbar. Thus I was able to recover some lost screen real estate. One of the personal bars got it's own button as well - contacts, which just pull contacts from my Outlook profile. I don't really like this feature because I am a strong believer in separation of tasks and against this sort of integration. Instead of that I'd wish that they would let me pick programs of my choice in the Options-Programs menu and let me integrate browser that way. [fullsize screenshot]

IE 6 Public Beta

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