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I got genuinely pissed off by Apple today, when I installed newly released QuickTime 5.01 Pro. The reason for my unhappiness is that this upgrade is not free, not only is that they don't have any discount for the upgrade vs. new purchase, but also they sort of hide this fact until you are deep in the installation or even already installed it. On the Apple's site (which is outdated and still talks about the product as if it's not released yet) they claim that "Good news for QuickTime Pro customers buying today. The key that you purchase today will work with QuickTime 4, QuickTime 5 Public Preview and QuickTime 5" which is somewhat misleading. I hate when they treat me like that, and what it means - that I probably will uninstall it and install QuickTime Pro 4.1, that I bought sometime ago. Basically the same thing happened when new version of RealPlayer came out and a promised free upgrades were not true anymore. At least Apple did not premise free upgrades, yet again I had a different impression when I was thinking about whether I should spend the money or not. Other than that new player is good product, and I would say if you had a free player before definitely go and upgrade to version 5.01, because it has many new features.

QuickTime 5.01

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