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Just don't panic and no big conclusions please

Mac users enjoy the luxury of the lack of malware and viruses. That's really useful. but intego warns us that they spotted one mac trojan on the loose. Trojan is a malicious program that let some shady people to things on you computer without your permission. It's not a virus that can spread by itself, trojan must be installed by a user and thus the most effective way for attacker is to convince unsuspected rookie that one has to install something that one would really need.

So, intego claims that some pornsites were flooded with spam, that would offer some video, but clicking on that video would prompt to install a new codec needed for viewing and offers to download it. Once downloaded you need to install it, and it sure would ask you an admin password. Once the trojan gains that password it can do with you computer virtually anything.

here's the original prompted text:
Quicktime Player is unable to play movie file.
Please click here to download new version of codec.

on the screenshot OSX.RSPlug.A Trojan Horse in action

In other words the trojan is installed by the owner of the computer and granted all the privileges needed for its malicious actions. there is nothing really sophisticated here. and we will see such things more and more.

macworld has a good read about it

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