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Polaroids are in fashion these days, it is easy to notice.
And not incidentally - it is cool, and I won't delibirate why and what you can do with them, I just will tell you what i snatched

Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Model 2
It is an older model than the ones you usually see on the streets and it is way more fun to play with. It is an SLR, with real glass instead of plastic, It has manual focus and there is no flash and it uses a different film that not as grainy

the really cool thing is that it folds

and those of you who like drag around a standard polaroid camera will really appreciate the portability

Shots don't look like regular Polaroid pictures neither, not to mention cheap point and shoot digital cameras. Instant vintage with all the goodies and artifacts

For quite a while the fate of those cameras was in limbo, because Polaroid corp. stopped making film for them, but now there is a company in Holland that makes film specifically for SX-70

and you can click on images above to see them closer

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