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Most people in the states heard about George Carlin, and it’s likely that they even have listen to some of his stuff. I had too, but I never really passed beyond few dirty words jokes. Those are somewhat funny, but nothing to write home about. Then I got a bit more of his stuff when I was checking references in Zeitgeist Movie.
Wow, there is some serious and really deep stuff, open minded critical thinking mixed with cynical humor.

george carlin

So I dig deeper. It turns out there is tons of his videos are available on youtube and google video.
you can of course go to georgecarlin.com and order his entire work retrospective on dvd too.

Here's my favorite bits (at youtube):
about saving the planet
about american system
about “pro-life” and abortions
about religion and ten commandments

and those are the parts of several his bigger shows (here is a couple at google video):
googleplayer.swf?docId=-8683046848311681223&hl - 63 min
googleplayer.swf?docId=-7068677712290004125&hl - 74 min
etc. etc.

Lots of dirty language and jokes, but very much to the point even when it is gruesome

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