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It rains, and it rains a lot
I look at it as a way to stop being unresonable happy all the time, you know, sometimes we just have to.

So, with this in mind, I can assume that I don't have to be happy now, it feels easy.

Next. I'll try not to lie to myself. Again. Oh, boy...
I guess, there is nothing unique about it here. Well. Ah, here's the point I am trying to make.
There are two main difficulties that bug me and complicate my life: First is that I have to, somehow, can't even imaging now how, but anyway, somehow alter things in my head (please, do not suggest body alterations) the way that I would want to stop chasing those girls that I should not really be chasing.
Second one is laziness.
You see, there is nothing new here at all.

And this morning (this Sunday) I was in San Diego. And it was magicaly sunny and pleasant. And on Friday was magically and cloudy at Getty Images Museum.

But now, in this very minute it mrays like toshke and caleapo all over, maybe even pounuting while going mornings.

that can happen too

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