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They say that knowledge brings sadness, yet they say the more you know the more you understand that you know nothing, thus ones you go to a new level of understanding and discovery of great unknown you can start giggle with joy. Ha ha ha
Then again theory is the surface and practice is the meat (and laziness is the blood).
Biology, Biolody. And it is all very bloody.

All my jackets are black and all my hats are funny

I saw cows and horses last thursday and orange trees and grapes and oil pumps, snow and palm trees, all within 15 minutes.

Silly feeling that getting a new computer will enable me to do more than I do now. true or not, but i am getting a new macbook pro soon and it will make me a bit more mobile.

Also this morning the very last dream I saw was like a Fellini's movie. It took place in a big white room with no windows. several of my ex-girlfriends came together, formed a circle and started to blame me for tons of different things I have done or i have not done. Pretty depressing and it made me feel really bad. and in the end one of them started to tell me about her new boyfriend. then it got to be really overwhelming and I woke up. So, i when I got to my computer to check e-mail, there was a message from that guy. Totally unrelated, yet not a nice feeling anyway. Funny stuff, I guess, I probably do not care for any of that any way. Yes, that's right. A big bold feeling that I really do not care for most of the things right now and that is a clear sign that I am ready for a big change. Nothing is forever any way.

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