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Wong Kar-Wai is my favorite director. And almost a year ago he made a new movie - My Blueberry Nights. I still have not seen it. And not because I don't want to. I actually real do. But all those greedy, stupid, retarded, narrow minded studios don't really want to let people just watch movies legally and reasonably convenient in the same time. They want me to wait few more month before they get their act together and let it finally run in movie theater across the USA and even longer before they release it on DVD and maybe years before I will be able to just download it and watch it the way I want it. And the thing is that I do not mind paying. I do want to pay a reasonable price, that is a bit lower than the price of one ticket in theaters. Let's say $6-7 would be reasonable. But what the fuss, even $10 is ok. And I want it available when it actually is made, not years later. And I want it in the format of my choice. I do strongly believe that if it was all done in a user friendly manner people would be happy to pay and get it legally. maybe not all the people, but many enough so that all the people who actually was making movie would make more money than they do now. When Radiohead tried it they made twice as much btw. But of course that is not happening. And it is not happening because they are greedy, stupid, retarded and narrow minded. Yet, i can watch it now.

It is available online, and it is available in divx and the price is great - it is free to watch. it am not even sure if it is legal or not.
I found it accidentally because they use an image from my previous entry about it. So people who host it are really cheap bustards. They still the movie, and they even still the bandwidth for the movie poster. yet they are making it available for people - this is controversial part. Some might say that it is stilling and it is bad. Yet we might look at it as un-excapable result of studios being greedy, stupid and blah blah blah. so in a way the owners of content twist the hand of potential viewers so bad that the only way they can do it is not the way everyone benefits from. think who is a bad party here. The second twist in it is that movie is available on a russian site. Oh, those bad russian hackers (hello Leo, give me a call one day! you are not such a bad cow after all). And the movie is dubbed. What an irony. After watching all the kar-wai's films in cantonese that i don't speak yet, finally came the one in english, but it is dubbed in russian. Yack, the quality of translation and dubbing makes me want to puke. I could not stand it more than 5 minutes. I had to stop. Why can't they just do subtitles? What's wrong with subtitles? They think that people who like his movies don't know how to read or what? So the whole situation is a big parade of stupidity, including me doing all that. And please don't ask me for the links please.

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